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Die Zauberflöte
Metropolitan Opera House, Sat, December 18, 1926

Die Zauberflöte (67)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Emanuel Schikaneder
Editha Fleischer

George Meader

Queen of the Night
Marion Talley

Pavel Ludikar

Gustav Schützendorf

Louise Hunter

Max Bloch

George Cehanovsky

Second Lady
Henriette Wakefield

Third Lady
Kathleen Howard

Charlotte Ryan

Grace Anthony

Dorothea Flexer

Arnold Gabor

Ludwig Burgstaller

William Gustafson

Artur Bodanzky

Fleischer managed to sing both Pamina and the First Lady in this performance.

Review 1:

Review in the New York Tribune

Editha Fleischer Shines as Protean In Two Opera Roles

German Soprano, Substituting in one Metropolitan Part, Requires Five Changes in 'Magic Flute'

Some quick changing of costumes was required last night from Editha Fleischer, German soprano, who sang the part of Pamina in last night's performance of Mozart's "Die Zauberflöte" ("The Magic Flute") at the Metropolitan Opera House. But Marcella Roessler, billed as the First Lady, developed a last-minute cold, and Mme. Fleischer consented to sing this role, which she had taken in this season's previous performances of the Mozart opera, as well. This doubling, as W. J. Guard remarked in an announcement before the curtain, required five changes of apparel.

Mme. Fleischer, who has sung Pamina in Brooklyn, but not in Manhattan before this, sang it very well, except for a little rippling in the tone. There was also a new Tamino, George Meader, whose previous part of Monostatos was transferred to Max Bloch. Mr. Meader sang his first aria with feeling and good quality of tone, though his voice seemed once or twice a little light for the part; in one number of what we heard of Act II, there seemed a certain hardness of tone.

Mr. Schützendorf repeated his lively Papageno, while Louise Hunter again proved happy in the part of Papagena. Mr. Ludikar as Sarastro, Mr. Cehanovsky the Speaker, and Mmes. Wakefield, Howard, Ryan, Anthony and Flexner, Messrs. Gabor, Burgstaller, and Gustafson? Mr. Bloch also represented an unnamed Voice. Marion Talley sang the Queen of the Night.

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